Fashion women’s clothing collocation this summer. Let’s feel the feeling that was brought by the classical collocation.

Today, I bring you method to collocate . skirt with top.

The way to wear . skirt is particular about. For the worst if you careless about the collocation you will be looked older than your age!

Look, first, you can choose a colorful flower printed waist skirt, and match the skirt with a wide belt, so that shows your slender legs, and your waist looked more slim. For simple, you just need a pure white shirt. Simple but fashion wear is shown here. If you wanna be more sweet, ending with a bowknot on the shirt. It can help you avoid The Devil Wears Prada feeling.

Reference the collocation on the pic, wearing a pair of high shoes with fish mouth. Okay, you are now different from the other females in the office, you become a difference.

Remember, change your style constantly, fashion is your attitude, keep your own mind of fashion.

Some suggestions, Karen Millen, Herve Leger, Cop Copine are good for you pretty ladies, GOOD LUCK!


About Advanced Vogue

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